Patricia Rozema smilingOn Harvey Weinstein
Rozema discusses her experiences with famous producer Harvey Weinstein, and recounts his pursuit of her after the first screening of "I've Heard the Mermaids Singing" at Cannes.

Patricia RozemaOn Adapting Jane Austen
Rozema discusses the research she did to prepare for adapting Jane Austen's "Mansfield Park", how she wrote it as a modern piece, and how there's a profound difference between film and prose.

Patricia RozemaOn Messages in Film
Rozema discusses the various ways film carry messages and their ability to impact social change.

Patricia RozemaOn Jane Austen's Dialogue & Writing
Rozema discusses the continual relevance of Jane Austen's dialogue, as well as her youthful writing and persistent desire to entertain in her writing. Rozema also discusses the challenges of adaptations and having to shorten and cut.

Patricia RozemaOn the Art and Industry of Making Movies
Rozema discusses how film is an international business. She also talks about the economy of small filmmaking and how making movies you're proud of can lead to success - even without big name actors.