by Thom Ernst Sunday August 9, 2009

So it's time we turn our thoughts once again to Cronenberg.  I think the entire SNAM crew would agree that one of this past seasons' highlights was talking to Canada's reigning King of skewed cinema David Cronenberg.  Back when David was honoured with the de Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion, only four televised interviews were granted. 

It seems that SNAM has earned a special place with the French Embassy allowing us access to visiting French film dignitaries, luncheons and unique interview opportunities.  As we move more and more towards world cinema, such benefits will certainly prove useful.

But I digress, my thoughts today are again about Cronenberg.  Homegrown and accessible (film wise) Cronenberg has been making world cinema since the start of his career.  Even his early genre films had a sense of worldliness and otherness - something that set his films apart from other mainstream efforts or commercial outings that were being released.

 I remember a few years back talking to Samantha Eggar about The Brood, then to John Getz about The Fly, then to Sonja Smits about Videodrome, and then to Mark Irwin (cinematographer) about most of Cronenberg's early films. Finally - we get to sit with the man himself.  

It was the kind of interview that we could put the tape in and hit play.  Perhaps it was because he was the recipient of such a fine award that put him in the mood to be gregarious and open.  Or perhaps he's just a great interview despite his reluctance to do them.  (Is it reluctance or just a lack of time?)

Everyone must have a favourite Cronenberg film, and if not, then everyone has an opinion about Cronenberg.  

By now you might have detected a trend in this blog to encourage feedback.  Alex is forthright about it when he takes over the blog - and Shereen followed suit in her blog debut last week  (It garnered a whopping 6 responses at the moment of writing this blog).

 It's always a bit more fun to hear from readers...we know you're out there, we can hear you breathing.