by Alexander Huls Friday August 24, 2012

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What made Tony Scott stand out - for better or worse - as a director?

Ross Miller, @rosstmiller:
His kinetic style, commitment to fast pace and, for better or worse, making cinematic entertainment more than art.

Doug Tilley, @Doug_Tilley:
Someone mentioned that unlike most directors, his visual style evolved dramatically with experience. Very astute observation.

Corey Atad, @CoreyAtad:
The use of in-camera effects for stylization. Hand-cranking the camera for example.

Film Classics, @filmclassics:
After Tony Scott directed "Top Gun", he got trapped into the standard hollywood action films. IMHO, "The Hunger" was [Scott’s] first & best film. After "Top Gun", he kind of lost his sense of self. I will say "True Romance" was [his] best action film. The rest of his films seemed sleepwalking for money . His ex. producer films vs. his dir. films-so wildly different-as tho he wanted to dir them but was trapped into the hwood system. Only my opinion of course :). He was an excellent director/producer. Many ppl love his 80s/90s action style films but idk, I feel he missed his early style.

Mike P Williams, @littlestpicshow:
His ability to tell a really good, interesting and exciting story. He was one of the best.

Maxwell Haddad, @MaxLHad:
Scott was uncompromising in his style and the fun he was having shined through his films

FilmLandEmpire, @FilmLandEmpire:
whether you liked it or not he had his own personal style

Vincent Nijman, @12movies12min:
his music video editing and his use of colors.

What's your favorite Tony Scott movie, and - most importantly - why that one specifically?

Marcelo J. Pico, @FramedPanda:
MAN ON FIRE is my favorite. So much style, great performances, powerful story. I think it perfectly embodies Tony Scott.

Stuart Barr, @MaxRenn:
True Romance, perfect marriage of director, script and cast

Neil Bakshi, @neilbakshi:
Man On Fire. Stays with me weeks after I see it.

Vincent Nijman, @12movies12min:
True Romance/The Hunger and it's acting ensemble.

FilmLandEmpire, @FilmLandEmpire:
The Hunger. For the soft focus, Bauhaus, floating drapes and a pensively smoking Catherine Deneuve

Maxwell Haddad, @MaxLHad:
True Romance is joyously deranged.

ChasetheShade, @ChasetheShade:
True Romance...cast ..script..production..'chemistry'... his wonderful style..& that he let the actors 'improvise'...

Cinemart, @CinemartNow:
The Last Boy Scout. Scott had a great script to match his style of filmmaking.

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