by Thom Ernst Friday February 3, 2012

I have done two long form interview's with Norman Jewison.  It is rare to be in the company of a man so accomplished and yet so down to earth.  Or maybe that's what happen's to men (and woman) who nolonger need to prove themselves - a calmness, a certainty and a confidence that over rides the pitfalls of celebrity.


The most amazing things you will notice about the films this weekend - In the Heat of the Night and Moonstruck is how well they hold up.  Time has not dampened the racial punch in In the Heat of the Night, and neither has time been able to age the appeal and charm of Moonstruck.

Rod Steiger (who we talk with in the Interviews) is a stand out as the Police Cheif of a small southern town forced to work with a detective from the city.  Stieger could have easily fallen into the trap of being the ignorant, bullying southern racist cop - instead he's a hard-core police officer with a tough no nonsense approach which has been somewhat disrupted  by the appearance of black detective, Virgil Tibbs (played by Sidney Poitier who also appears in The Interviews).


Over the years we Jewison has granted us many interviews, both in his Toronto location and in L.A.   Jewison's also been the subject of a 30 minute long tribute show we recently aired. You can find the whole tribute on the SNAM page





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