In honour of how Saturday Night at the Movies helped me see movies as more than mere entertainment, I asked folks what movie had a similar impact on them.


We took to Twitter to ask folks if they watch the deleted scenes on discs to see what was left out.


In honour of our airing "Persepolis" - one of the greatest animated movies ever made - we asked folks on Twitter what's the best animated movie they've ever seen.


In honour of our Remembrance Day screening of "The Great Escape" and "The Train" we asked which war films do the best job of honouring the courage and sacrifices of soldiers during World War I and II.


Just because they share similar characteristics, does that necessarily mean all war movies are also action movies?

In honour of our airing John Cassavetes' "Gloria" this weekend, we took to Twitter to ask what everyone's favourite Cassavetes movie was - whether it was a movie he directed or starred in.

A review of the "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" starring Keira Knightly and Steve Carrell.

Inspired by the spirit of Halloween and the upcoming TIFF Bell Lightbox series "Birth of a Villain" (November 10th to Deceber 29th) curated by Twitch Film's Todd Brown, we decided to take to Twitter to ask: who is your favourite iconic Horror Movie Villain and why? 


In time for Halloween, a different kind of Top Scary Movie List. In the spirit of my cowardice, here are ten movies I am too chicken to check out and why.


Our movies this week - "The Station Agent" and "Troubled Water" - do something that isn't easy: tackle the difficult subject of grief with poignancy and realism. We asked the Twitterverse what other movies do justice to the emotional journey people undergo when they have tragically lost someone.