There may be no Genie pool going around the office but that's not about to stop us from listing our best bets as to who will walk away with Canada's Top Film prize.  The 36th Genie Awards happens March 8, at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto.   And SNAM will be there.

One False Move is a taunt thriller where racial division and urban versus rural politics get coiled up inside a police drama.

The films of Alexander Payne are filled with unhappy, self-loathing men burdened with serious issues.  So why do we find his work so appealing?  Globe and Mail Film critic Rick Groen might have the answer.  With a balanced article about the imbalance of sexual-politics in the films of Alexander Payne, Groen tells us why Payne deserves our respect at this year's Oscars. 

More people know Lee Harvey Oswald than they know of Samuel Byck. Both attempted to assassinate an American President while in office. Oswald succeeded. Samuel Byck did not. In fact, so little known was Samuel Byck that when the writers of The Assassination of Richard Nixon penned their story...they thought they were writing fiction. Turns out they had in their hands a story not as fictional as they thought.

The Weengushk Film Institute on Manitoulin Island proves that you don't need to live in Toronto to get a great film education.

Saturday Night at the Movies presents two features that are bound to whet your appetite - and since we can't condone eating a full course meal in a movie theatre - SNAM offers up some great food ideas with the perfect movie to go with them. Think of this as the first film blog that comes with a menu. 


Considering the depth of Alfred Hitchcock’s canon and the desire to see his work in high definition, the progress of the auteur’s films onto Blu-Ray has been a somewhat slow one. Psycho, North by Northwest, and The Lady Vanishes are the only ones to have made the transition so far, with MGM’s releases of Rebecca and Notorious now joining the fold. Read on to see my thoughts about the new releases.

Watching Annie Hall and Manhattan on Blu-Ray reminded me that neurotic Allen wasn’t always so cute and cuddly as he and his proxies are in movies like Midnight in Paris.  He was actually a dysfunctional and destructive neurotic. In layman’s terms: kind of a jerk.


With the recent Blu-ray/DVD release of the critically maligned Dream House comes an argument for watching movies in the intimacy of your own home.  Dream House may not work for big screen movie goers - but for a lazy cold Sunday afternoon, or for something to watch while the kids are asleep - it makes for the ideal tension building/tension releasing fare.

If you go with the stereotype, at the young age of twenty-nine, I’m not technically old enough to say what I am about to say, but there’s honestly no other sentiment that better captures how I felt after watching Billy Wilder’s classic film The Apartment again: They just don’t very often make them like this anymore.

Overhearing a conversation during my morning commute to work while riding up the crowded escalator at Yonge and Bloor: A young man was asking a young woman how her weekend was.  She told him she didn't get much sleep because she got caught up in a movie airing late Saturday Night on TVO.  The film was The Machinist.  She told the man how the film captivated her and she couldn't stop watching even though it meant going to bed at five in the morning.   I couldn't have been prouder and it got me thinking:  What movie would you stay up all night to watch?   You might be surprised to discover that not all your choices happen to be horror films.

Of course by calling this blog, The Best of Norman Jewison - we're referring to what SNAM thinks of as his best.  Your ideas might be different preferring Jesus Christ Superstar, A Soldier's Story, Fiddler On the Roof (okay, we might give you that one) or The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming.  Point is there's a lot to choose from with Jewision, and the two were showing this weekend - In the Heat of the Night & Moonstruck - have passed the test of time - not unlike Jewison himself who is still out there making movies.