With director Steve McQueen's remarkable film Shame due for release this weekend, I decide to step for a moment into the successful blogging territory of Alex Huls, and choose the top five films most worthy of discussion. 

Director Ken Russell was a bit of a madman.  But all his madness appeared on the screen.  He seemed to get a kick out of annoying both critics and audiences but as he began to see the end in sight, Russell showed that he was a man who loved movies and audiences - particularly his own.

How is it that not one, but two films, featuring two characters simply walking and talking have such a hold on film lovers?  Ethan Hawke and Julia Delpy in the hands of director Richard Linklater show you how it's done. 

With Ethan Hawke talking about a possible Before Sunrise/Before Sunset sequel, here's a list of dos and don'ts for a possible third movie.

When we aired Dominick and Eugene along with Pauline and Paulette, two stories of a family member caring for their special needs sibling, I had no idea that a childhood friend was living something similar.  Only her story was about her son and the ending became much harder. 

Richard Crouse invited me to join the panel on his NewsTalk 1010 radio show.  I make a great effort to not sound to eager when saying "yes". 

Scorsese famously calls The Age of Innocence his most violent film.  But with no visible weapons of destruction, was he merely being clever or is he really terrified at the thought of being casted out?

Which do you prefer? Giant extinct amphibians attatcking or delinquint hoodlams dancing.  You can have both.  Two classics a breed apart come out on blu-ray but are these the movies to start our kids film education? 

Geronimo and Rob Roy: real resistance fighters get a Hollywood makeover and pushes the question:  Legend vs Fact?  Truth vs. Myth.   

From feature films to shorts, from sports movies to politics, from animation to documentaries:  Reel Asian Film Festival proves that Hollywood does not have the monopoly on crowd-pleasing, dramatic and inspiring cinema. 

Grinders takes us into the secret lair of late night illegal poker games but for director Matt Gallagher, it could be the biggest risk he'll ever take.

A beginner's guide to help the uninitiated get their Criterion Collection started with 10 must-own Blu-Rays.


A blog dedicated to Irene who left a comment on last week's Blog; "If you can comment more about all the main actors of "Black Book" movie aired Nov5/11. It was an excellent movie, you should repeat it ..."<

While there seems to be a lack of decent war films featuring the Canadian military in action, SNAM has discovered two films about foreign resistance fighters from WWII:  Black Book and The Train.

If a film director crosses a social or moral line are we obligated to boycott their work?  It's a question raised by at least one of our viewers after Saturday Night at the Movie's aired Polanski's Repulsion.

There's more to those movies you call guilty pleasures than you might think.