Saturday Night at the Movies is, I imagine, the longest running movie program in the nation, perhaps in the world. I have been involved with the series for 15 years. It has been an unequivocal pleasure and an honour to be part of such an incredible show. I remain in awe of Elwy Yost and the people who came before me; I remain in awe of the many people who worked alongside me.


Sebastion Koch and Carice van Houten stand-out in "Black Book"


Spartacus is a sword and sandal epic about the uprising of slaves fighting for their freedom against a cruel system. It's a searing human drama that rises above spectacle, but what else would you expect from director Stanley Kubrick?  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is also about a slave striving for freedom, but this slave, Pseudolus, would rather con than fight, and its less about an uprising than it is uproarious PLUS its a musical - but what else would you expect from the classic writings of Titus Maccius Plautus?

Two films with a culinary bent.  And to celebrate - we have a few culinary suggestions of our own to go with your movie.

The films of Douglas Sirk, "All that Heaven Allows" and "Imitation of Life" - Social criticism masked inside sweepingn melodramas.


Saturday Night at the Movies features two films where children are anything but sweet and precocious.